2017/12/15 | Internal news

The 30th National Workshop on Structural Engineering and Construction Technology takes place successfully

Attending the workshop, representatives of the Ministry of Construction were Dr. Le Quang Hung - Vice Minister of Construction, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Kiem - Former Minister of Construction, Assoc Prof. Dr. Pham Minh Ha - Director of State Authority for Construction Quality Inspection.

For the Federation of Civil Engineering Associations, there were Mr. Pham The Minh - Vice President of Federation of Civil Engineering Associations, Ms. Nguyen Thi Duyen - Chairman of Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association, Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Giang - Chairman of Vietnam National Committee on Large Dams and Water Resources Development.

Regarding VASECT, there were Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Lien - President of the Association, and all members of the Association leaders, Standing Committee of the Association, Members of the Executive Committee of the Association and representatives of collective members.

Regarding National University of Civil Engineering, there was Prof. Dr. Phan Quang Minh - Vice Rector.

In addition, participating the workshop were also representatives of specialized associations, training organizations, research institutes and enterprises operating in the field of construction.

GS.TSKH Nguyễn Văn Liên khai mạc Hội thảo
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Lien to open the workshop

Over the past 30 years of construction, operation and development, VASECT has always been the focus of academic activities. Every year, VASECT organizes a national workshop to summarize and publish outstanding scientific research results on structural engineering and construction technologies in the fields of civil and industrial construction, traffic works, irrigation and hydroelectric works,... VASECT is a member of Federation of Civil Engineering Associations. Members of VASECT are oriented to study current, practical and theoretical topics, integrate in the direction of regular updates, closely linked to the role and development of the sector in the industrialization and modernization of the country. At this workshop, leading researchers and experts in the field of construction exchanged experiences as well as information on science and technology for sustainable development. At the same time, the workshop also included assessments and comments on existing and new construction technologies as well as trends of new technologies to be applied in Vietnam in the future.

TS. Lê Quang Hùng - Thứ trưởng Bộ Xây dựng phát biểu tại Hội thảo
Dr. Le Quang Hung, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Construction to deliver the speech at the workshop

Delivering the speech at the workshop, Dr. Le Quang Hung, Deputy Minister of Construction, highly appreciated the presentations of the speakers: "The speakers raised issues that both scientific, practical and urgent issues need to be resolved in the current construction activity". He hoped VASECT would continue to organize more academic activities and actively participate in scientific and technological activities of the sector to promote the development of the industry in particular and the country in general..

At the workshop, 10 presentations on the Structural Engineering and Construction Technology include:

  • Design of steel structure under fire safety conditions - Dr. Chu Thi Binh - Dr. Pham Thanh Hung - MSc. Le Quang Viet Hung.
  • Research on application of box-shape structure, thin-walled non-metal fiber reinforced concrete in the protection of roof and foot of sea embankment built on weak ground - Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Le Xuan Roanh – Dr. Hoang Duc Thao.
  • Study of some soft road surface structure for large-scale roads in Vietnam – Dr. Tran Ngoc Huy - MSc. Tran Viet Ha - MSc. Nguyen Nhu Hanh.
  • Technical analysis and safety in scaffolding construction - Dr. Huynh Quoc Vu - MSc. Cao Xuan Tuan
  • Renovation and strengthening of labor safety management in construction – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Minh Ha - MSc. Ngo Lam - MSc. Nguyen Tuan Ngoc Tu.
  • Technology application of raking and cold recycling technology in place of asphalt concrete in Vietnam - MSc. Lam Huu Quang
  • Introduction of pillar dam solutions in construction of flood protection works for Ho Chi Minh City - MSc. Vu Tien Thu
  • Design and construction of polymer reinforced mortar - Dr. Hoang Tuan Nghia - Dr. Nguyen Cong Thang
  • Lanslide Monitoring and Automatic Data Transferring System at Hai Van Railway Station - Dr. Dinh Van Tien - MSc. Do Ngoc Ha
  • Construction of rural roads using cement soil and additives of ROADCEM - MSc. Vu Ba Thao.
Các đại biểu chụp ảnh lưu niệm
Representatives to take pictures

The seminar ended successfully. It is hoped that the results of the workshop will contribute positively to the development of the construction industry in practical application, creating motivation for striving, bringing into full play the expertise and raising the level of professional generations, especially in the training of human resources in universities, specialized scientific research institutes, consultancy organizations and enterprises.