2020/09/19 | Business activity

CONINCO’s group of supervision consultant experts inspected the project site of the Supreme People's Court

On the morning of September 19, 2020, CONINCO's team of experts checked the quality and progress of the project at the headquarters of the Supreme People's Court. This is the sprinting period to complete the project before put into use in October 2020, so all items were monitored closely than ever by CONINCO to ensure the project is completed with the best quality, bringing satisfaction for leaders of the Party, State and Investor.

The project of building the headquarters of the Supreme People's Court was implemented and in September 2019 at 43 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. CONINCO is the General Contractor of Design Consultant and Supervision Consultant for this project. Currently, CONINCO and construction contractors have been concentrating human resources to urgently complete items to ensure completion progress. Besides, CONINCO's chief consultant regularly inspects and check the quality of the project. CONINCO's chief consultant emphasized that this is a national key project with great political significance of the country, which has a sophisticated design and urgent implementation time, so the staff must always be highly focused in work, comply with the process, closely supervise to ensure progress, but must be attached to ensuring the work quality and labor safety.

Some photos at the project site:

Từng khâu hoàn thiện đều được đoàn chuyên gia CONINCO kiểm tra chặt chẽ
Each finishing stage is closely inspected by the team of CONINCO’s experts
Công trường đang gấp rút thi công để bàn giao đưa vào sử dụng vào Tháng 10/2020
The site is rushing in construction to hand over and put into use in October 2020
Đoàn chuyên gia CONINCO tại công trường dự án
CONINCO’s group of supervision consultant experts