2018/02/23 | Business activity

CONINCO inspects the projects in Quang Ninh province

During the kick-off ceremony at the beginning of Lunar New Year 2018, in order to ensure the quality of work as well as improve the work safety on all sites wher CONINCO is providing consultancy services, in the afternoon of Feb 23, Chairman of BoM of CONINCO Nguyen Van Cong led the delegation to inspect the projects in Quang Ninh province including Project of 5,000-seat Stadium in North East Sports Center in Quang Ninh Province; Project of Quang Ninh International Airport.

5,000-seat multi-purpose Stadium is one of the most important items in the overall project of Quang Ninh Sports Complex, with a scale of nearly 15ha, total investment of more than 1,100 billion dong in the form of BT where Vin Group is the investor and CONINCO provides project management consulting services, construction and equipment installation supervision consultancy of this project.

The design of the project is inspired by an island, the highlight of the project is the dimensional steel roof structure and the complex design of surface structure surrounding the stadium, roof system with 3-dimensional architecture and 3D curved lines. Up to now, the project is in the stage of synchronous completion, meeting the requirements of aesthetics, quality, progress and expected to be put into exploitation and use in 2018.

Some pictures of the 5000-seat Stadium project in the North East Sports Center in Quang Ninh:

Đoàn lãnh đạo CONINCO kiểm tra công trường dự án
CONINCO leaders to inspect the project site
Phối cảnh dự án
Project perspective

Quang Ninh International Airport is one of the key projects of the province, also the first project implemented in the form of BOT. This is the 4E International Airport welcoming the most modern aircraft in the world such as the A350, B777. The project is located on Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, which includes items such as runway, train station and parking lot. There are 2 main categories: airport and passenger terminal. The project is expected to be in operation by the end of the second quarter of 2018 and will be a strong motivation to promote Quang Ninh tourism to “take off” with the national tourism, comparable with the region and the world. CONINCO performs the construction supervision consultancy service for this area.

Đoàn lãnh đạo CONINCO kiểm tra công trường dự án Cảng hàng không quốc tế Quảng Ninh
CONINCO leaders to inspect the construction sites of Quang Ninh International Airport
Phối cảnh dự án
Project perspective

Many workers and engineers of Van Don International Airport project (Quang Ninh) have to celebrate the 2018 Tet at the construction site in order to ensure the progress. At the construction site, Chairman of the BoM Nguyen Van Cong inspected the construction items and motivated staff, workers and laborers to actively promote the spirit of hard-work, passion and strict supervision. However, it must be associated with ensuring the quality of construction works, safety and sanitation to always bring the best services to customers, affirm and develop the CONINCO’s brand outreach.