2018/01/12 | Business activity

CONINCO organizes the Conference of 2017 Summary and 2018 Working Plan

In the morning of January 12th, 2018, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO organized the Conference of 2017 Summary and 2018 Working Plan.

Attending the conference, regarding the Vietnam National Construction Consultant Company (VNCC), there was Mr. Nguyen Lam Cuong - Member of the BOD, Deputy General Director.
Regarding CONINCO, there were Mr. Nguyen Van Cong - Chairman of BoM; Dr. Ha Minh - General Director together with members of the BoM, BoD, leaders of the management departments and representatives of the company units; Presidents and General Directors of the companies in CONINCO franchise system.

Opening the ceremony was the part of meaningful and cheerful songs performed by the guests and CONINCO’s youth union.

Delivering the opening speech, Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of the Company gave thanks to the presence of the guests and evaluated generally CONINCO's activities during 2017. In 2017, in the context of economic difficulties, CONINCO - with the strategic orientation "Asserting the brand name, taking quality as the first" always paid attention to investment in quality, training resources, facilities, equipment to ensure good working environment, create motivation and development for the entire staffs. General Director clearly stated 6 big achievements of CONINCO in the past year: To hold the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2017, to elect new Board of Members and the Board of Supervisors in next 5 years of the third term (2017 - 2022), to elect Chairman of BoM and General Director; To complete the charter capital increase; To restructure the management units and production units; To complete the office relocation and investment in the construction of additional facilities for the Project Experiment and Inspection Center; To implement and build CONINCO TOWER. In particular, the company's revenue increased in all aspects. General Director expressed that the achievements were thanks to the efforts of all staffs under the close leadership of the BoM and BoD, which was the joy, pride as well as challenge set out in 2018. In the context of its temporarily relocating headquarters and continuing to restructure its management as well as production structure, General Director hoped that each member of the same CONINCO house would get consensus and solidarity, each one would have the highest efforts to build a personal brand, contributing to building a collective brand in 2018.

Also in the year-end closing ceremony, the General Director would like to send message to all staffs that "Every time you listen to CONINCO calling your name, listen to the enthusiasm and confidence of the Executive Board for you who will write the new page for CONINCO in 2018 and next years”. Each member in same CONINCO house would build a friendly and effective working environment, aim to professionalism to always create a desire to contribute to the company's development, gain new heights and reach the international area.

TS. Hà Minh – TGĐ phát biểu khai mạc và đánh giá tổng quan công tác năm 2017
Dr. Ha Minh - General Director to deliver the opening speech and evaluate generally works in 2017

In addition, according to the company's report presented by Ms. Ho Thi Ha – Head of Economics and Planning Department, in 2017, the company signed a number of contracts for typical projects such as Investment project of building the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Hospital; the project Multi-disciplinary Technical Center of Former Soviet Union in Hanoi, the project of the Center for Commercial, Hotel, Office and Apartment for lease - MB Grand Tower, Investment project of building Can Tho Oncology Hospital, Thanh Hoa City's New Administrative Center in the form of public-private partnerships,... In addition, with the brand which had been affirmed and developed over the past 38 years, partners and clients always believed in terms of quality and service provided by CONINCO, the company maintained the implementation of WB, ADB, JICA, etc., so the partnership and cooperation with foreign partners was always the priority criterion in the development orientation of the Company.

In order to promote the management, production and business, continue to restructure the organization, Mr. Le Minh Hoang - Head of HR Department on behalf of the company announced the appointment decision for 04 cadres:
- To appoint Mr. Tran Chien Thang as Director of Construction Management Center No. 1.
- To appoint Mr. Nguyen Doan Bien - former Director of Construction Management Center No. 1 to work in Technical Management Department as Deputy Director of Technical Management Department.
- To appoint Ms. Pham Thi Hoa as Deputy Head of HR Department.
- To appoint Mr. Le Khac Hoang Tung as Deputy Director of Construction Management Center.

TGĐ trao quyết định và chụp ảnh cùng các cán bộ được bổ nhiệm
General Director to hand over the decisions and take picture with the appointed officers

Also in the report, Ms. Ho Thi Ha stated the working plan, emphasized the task of 2018 and assigned targets for 2018 to the units. Specifically, in 2018, the company would continue to promote and expand the market; continue to strengthen the management of quality assurance; continue to promote the training, scientific research; well organize the emulation movement, mass movements; evaluate and manage effectively activities in the system of franchise, subsidiaries and affiliates.

Bà Hồ Thị Hà – Trưởng phòng Kinh tế kế hoạch báo cáo tổng kết năm 2017, kế hoạch năm 2018
Ms. Ho Thi Ha - Head of Economics and Planning Department to report the 2017 Summary and 2018 Working Plan
The Deputy General Directors in charge of and representatives of the units to receive the plan targets in 2018

Before the whole conference, Mr. Le Minh Hoang - Head of HR Department, Standing Committee of Emulation and Reward of Company announced the titles of emulation and reward in 2017 for collectives and individuals with the outstanding positive contributions for the overall development of the company over the past year.

Ông Lê Minh Hoàng – Trưởng phòng Tổ chức nhân sự, thường trực Ban thi đua khen thưởng công bố các danh hiệu thi đua khen thưởng năm 2017
Mr. Le Minh Hoang - Head of HR Department, Standing Committee of Emulation & Reward to announce the titles of emulation
Chủ tịch HĐQT trao phần thưởng cho các cá nhân, đơn vị có thành tích xuất sắc trong công tác nghiên cứu khoa học và đào tạo
Chairman of BoM to award the individuals & units who had outstanding achievements in the scientific research and training
TGĐ trao phần thưởng cho tập thể đoàn tư vấn và các cá nhân đã hoàn thành tốt nhiệm vụ năm 2017
General Director to award the consultant collectives and individuals who successfully completed the tasks in 2017
TGĐ trao bằng khen cho tập thể các đơn vị hoàn thành tốt nhiệm vụ năm 2017
General Director to award Certificates of Merit to all units who well accomplished tasks in 2017

Delivering the speech at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Lam Cuong - Deputy General Director of the VNCC appreciated the results CONINCO had contributed to the development of the national economy in general and the construction consultancy sector in particular. Mr. Nguyen Lam Cuong said that there had been many foreign consulting companies in the Vietnamese market currently, making the competition more and more fierce. He hoped and believed that CONINCO would continue to develop stronger, more sustainably, and reach the international level next year.

Ông Nguyễn Lâm Cường – UVHĐQT, PTGĐ VNCC phát biểu tại hội nghị
Mr. Nguyen Lam Cuong - Member of the BoM of VNCC, Deputy General Director to deliver the speech at the conference

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Van Cong gave thanks for the sharing and trust of BoM, Deputy General Director of VNCC to CONINCO. From the achievements and challenges of the coming year, the Chairman emphasized that with the continuous development of the Company and the CONINCO brand, the issues set for the BoM, BoD and the management department system was to think about the management, establishment, long-term market, institutional improvements of CONINCO operating under the market economy in the form of public private companies, adjusting productivity to increase income for employees.

Chủ tịch HĐQT Nguyễn Văn Công phát biểu kết luận tại hội nghị.
Chairman Nguyen Van Cong to deliver the speech at the conference.

Chairman Nguyen Van Cong hoped that every member of CONINCO would build up a program of action with new thinking and open up new issues so that 2018 would be the hinge year for breakthrough development of CONINCO in 2019 and the following years.
The conference took place successfully, the Chairman of BoM wished all staffs and guests good health, more flourishes, more success in the next year