2020/06/17 | International cooperation

CONINCO - TOTO: Sharing, cooperation and development

At the invitation of TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd, in the afternoon of June 16, 2020, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO.,JSC) had joined a seminar to share its experiences and knowledge of the entire construction management process, field surveys and quality inspection of buildings in Vietnam for engineers and staff at TOTO Vietnam factory - Dong Anh Industrial Park, Hanoi. This seminar held by TOTO Vietnam is aimed to promote cooperation with CONINCO and utilize the experience of experts from leading construction consultancy companies in Vietnam such as CONINCO to help TOTO staff to improve their qualifications, practical skills for further development of TOTO in Vietnam.

CONINCO representative participated in the seminar includes Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO; Ms. Dau Thi Thu Dan - Deputy Manager of Business Management Department; MSc, Arch. Do Nhu Duc - Director of Center of International Cooperation and Consultancy; MSc, Engineer. Le Nguyen Giap - Director of Technology transfering for Construction and Environment Center; Engineer. Vuong Van Hanh - Deputy Director of Technology transfering for Construction and Environment Center, and CONINCO expert team.

Regarding TOTO Vietnam representative, there are Mr. Shinichi Murakami - Director of Production Division; Mr. Luu Duc Anh - Head of Business Resources Management and Development Division; Mr. Nguyễn Trung Kiên - Head of Production Technology Department, Head of Supply & Maintenance Department; Ms. Pham Thi Van Anh - Purchasing Manager.

Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO sharing at the seminar

CONINCO is currently providing several consulting services for TOTO Vietnam and CONINCO honors to be highly appreciated by TOTO Vietnam's leaders for the practical experience and practical results of the services that CONINCO has brought to TOTO. General Director Ha Minh hopes that with the information CONINCO had shared in the seminar could be useful knowledge to help TOTO in the process of promoting development in Vietnam. Also, Dr. Ha Minh expresses the desire to have long-term cooperation with strong and professional partners as TOTO. 

The following contents were presented and discussed by CONINCO experts at the seminar :
- "Solutions for green buildings, CONINCO aims to bring green life to Vietnamese people" presented by CEO, Dr. Ha Minh- CONINCO 
- "History of formation and development" presented by MSc, Architect Do Nhu Duc
- "Selection of survey contractor" presented by MSc, Mr. Le Nguyen Giap
- "Cost management of construction investment projects" presented by MSc, Architect Do Nhu Duc
- "Process of construction supervision" presented by Vuong Van Hanh presents
- In particular, CONINCO experts directly brought the machines and equipment for practical experiments of TOTO employees.

Đoàn chuyên gia CONINCO chia sẻ tại buổi hội thảo
CONINCO expert delegations shared at the conference
Overview of the seminar

Established in 2002 - TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in manufacturing high-class sanitary ware and ceramic products. With the desire to be a corporation that is trusted by people all over the world and is a company that contributes to the development of society, TOTO Vietnam constantly researches, learns and develops to provide high-quality products and services to protect the global environment through the efficient and economical use of energy resources. CONINCO - Vietnam's leading construction consulting company, has participated in thousands of projects, including large and small in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries, selected by TOTO as a reliable partner, accompanying to share, cooperate and develop in the coming time.

Mr. Shinichi Murakami - Director of TOTO Vietnam (left); Mr. Luu Duc Anh - Director of TOTO Vietnam Business Resources Management and Development Division (right) hopes to continue cooperation and development with CONINCO

Sharing at the seminar, Mr. Shinichi Mukarami - Director of Production Division thanked General Director- Dr. Ha Minh and the expert team of CONINCO for spending time to share valuable experiences to TOTO employees. Knowing CONINCO is a company that cooperates closely with many giant partners in countries around the world, especially having a deep and close relationship with Japan associates, therefore having a chance to work directly with CONINCO team, he believes that with the CONINCO's rich experience shared, TOTO staff will build the strength of the technical department, contribute to the construction and development of TOTO Vietnam to become more sustainably. He also hopes that TOTO and CONINCO will share the spirit of further cooperation and development..

The seminar ended successfully, received the attention and enthusiastic response from the Company's leaders and the technical staff at TOTO Vietnam factory. This is also an opportunity for CONINCO to strengthen the extensive cooperation with TOTO Vietnam in particular and Japan in general..