2023/08/25 | Business activity

The consortium of CONINCO - AZUSA SEKKEI won the First Prize in the architectural design competition for the T2 Terminal of Dong Hoi - Quang Binh Airport

Continuing the success of architectural design competitions, particularly the success of the T2 Passenger Terminal project at Phu Bai International Airport, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO has once again collaborated with AZUSA SEKKEI Co., Ltd. (Japan) in the architectural design competition for the T2 Passenger Terminal at Dong Hoi Airport, Quang Binh. The consortium achieved the highest award in the competition.

Dong Hoi Airport's planning has been approved by the Prime Minister for the period until 2030, with a capacity of 3 million passengers per year, and a vision until 2050 with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year.

With the construction project of the T2 Passenger Terminal and the expansion of the apron, Dong Hoi Airport aims to build a high-standard T2 Passenger Terminal with a floor area of approximately 16,800 square meters, capable of accommodating 3 million passengers per year, along with a synchronized infrastructure system. The project also includes the construction of 4 parking positions for Code C aircraft (A321/320 or equivalent) in Phase 1 and an additional 4 positions in Phase 2.

Some images of the architectural design concept for the T2 Passenger Terminal at Dong Hoi Airport, Quang Binh

Drawing inspiration from the meandering lines of the mountain ranges, the curves of Quang Phu sand dunes, and the scenic beauty bestowed by nature in this place, such as Phong Nha Ke Bang and its majestic natural caves, together with the local geographical context, the architects from CONINCO - AZUSA SEKKEI have designed a Passenger Terminal that carries the essence of Dong Hoi and reflects the cultural imprint of Vietnam. The natural beauty of this place is developed within various landscapes of the Terminal and showcased as a theme to enhance the value of the project.

Furthermore, the design concept of the CONINCO - AZUSA SEKKEI consortium showcases a Passenger Terminal with 2 levels to accommodate a designed capacity of 3 million passengers per year, with separate passenger arrival and departure processes connected by a multi-level floor system consisting of three levels: the ground floor, mezzanine level, and second floor. The construction of Component 1, the T2 Passenger Terminal, is expected to commence in the third quarter of 2024 and be completed for use in the first quarter of 2026.

With this award, it once again affirms CONINCO's strength in international cooperation in the field of design consultancy and deepens the implementation of the memorandum of understanding between CONINCO and AZUSA SEKKEI, aiming to deliver unique, modern, and high-quality projects that meet the needs of customers and contribute to the socio-economic development of the locality and the country.