2017/12/08 | International cooperation

The representative of Fujita Corporation (Japan) visits and works at CONINCO

Regarding the partner, there was Mr. Hidehisa Ikeda - General Director of Fujita Vietnam Co., Ltd cum General Director of three limited liability companies including Chuo Vietnam Co., Ltd, Minato Vietnam Co., Ltd and Chiyoda Vietnam Co., Ltd. Welcoming the partner, regarding CONINCO, there were Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of the company, Dr. Duong Trong Vinh - Director of Center of International Cooperation and Consultancy together with MSc. Le Nguyen Giap - Director of Center of Technology Transfering for Construction & Environment.

At the meeting, General Director Ha Minh expressed his pleasure to welcome the General Director of Fujita Vietnam Co., Ltd to visit and exchange work at CONINCO. As a member of the Daiwa House Group, Fujita Corporation (Japan) has more than 100 years of experience in the field of land optimization, construction, maintenance and improvement of buildings on the criteria of quality, productivity, value and energy savings for the works. Fujita constantly revolutionizes building methods through BIM/CIM, IoT and AI, restructures core business systems to meet the customers’ diversified needs through enhancing efficiency and reducing construction costs.

General Director Hidehisa Ikeda thanked the leaders of CONINCO for their warm welcome and working, as well as highly appreciated the close collaboration between the parties in the coming time so that the cooperation project could get good results soon.

The meeting took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, promising new opportunities and high efficiency for the parties