2020/06/19 | Business activity

The Supreme People's Court Headquarters project: Speeding up, urgently completing

Starting on September 17, 2019, the Supreme People's Court project was built on an area of 6,417 m2 with a scale of 6 floors, 4 basements, which topped out on April 28, 2020 after 7 months of construction. Currently, the contractors are speeding up the progress, and urgently completing the project to put into use on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Supreme People's Court(September 13, 1945 - September 13, 2020). This is a national key project with a great political significance of the country, the facade of the building is neoclassical style, with a combination of convenient architectural space meeting the aesthetic requirements of modern buildings, and the stature and solemnity of the highest judicial authority in the country. 

As a company undertaking the services of the General Contractor of Design Consultant and Supervision Consultant for this project, CONINCO's expert team is always working closely with each project item to ensure the best quality on schedule. At present, the project has completed the rough construction, basement, 5-floor finishing, and construction of the 6th floor, frame installation, and exterior stone tiles.

CONINCO là tổng thầu tư vấn thiết kế và tư vấn giám sát cho dự án
CONINCO is the general contractor of design consultancy and supervision consultancy for the project
Đoàn TVGS CONINCO vẫn luôn miệt mài bám sát từng hạng mục công trình
The CONINCO consultant delegation is still working closely with each work item

Along with the project to restore the national historical monument at 48 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, the project will be the workplace of officials, civil servants, and workers of the Supreme People's Court. The building is designed in a standard neoclassical style with elaborate decorations, sophisticated details, and harmonious layout connected with the old building, creating an open space on a unified body with the square of justice. The courtroom with the dome are designed straight to the blue sky, as a symbol of transparency, solemnity, typical of the country's highest judicial authority.

Phối cảnh Quảng trường công lý
Perspective of Justice Square
Phòng xét xử hội đồng
The courtroom

Especially, the project uses high quality and durable finishing equipment with the harsh conditions of the Vietnamese weather, for many years this equipment will not be backward, while close to the environment. The outdoor lighting system not only ensures functional requirements on traffic and safety for users, general security for users but also honors the architectural value of the building at night.

Phối cảnh chiếu sáng mặt dựng nhìn từ sân trong
Perspective illuminates the facade from the courtyard

The landscape of the courtyard has a connection between the new building and the central water fountain with the image of the letter "TAM" as a focal point made of monolithic stone, together with stone chairs and trees.

Tiểu cảnh sân trong
Small landscape at the courtyard

As a project with a special nature of political significance, design, and progress of the project, thus during the implementation of the project, Chairman Nguyen Van Cong regularly checked the work items and urged the staffs to always focus on the work, follow the process, closely supervise to ensure the construction progress while ensuring the quality of works and labor safety and hygiene.. 

CONINCO's dedication and professionalism in creating quality and high-class constructions have affirmed the CONINCO brand - "Ensuring for the future" for more than 40 years of establishment and development. CONINCO is constantly trying to maintain the credibility as well as reliability which have been gained from the Party, State, Government, Investors, giant corporations domestic and abroad. CONINCO is confident to always bring the best service to customer.

Phối cảnh Trụ sở Tòa án nhân dân tối cao
The perspective of Headquarters of the Supreme People's Court