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Location: No. 4 Ton That Tung Street, Trung Tu Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi

CONINCO TOWER - Headquarters of Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO., JSC) is a Grade A Office building, located at No. 4 Ton That Tung Street, Trung Tu Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, central location of Hanoi Capital, the intersection between Chua Boc - Dong Tac - Pham Ngoc Thach - Ton That Tung, which is considered the "golden land" of Dong Da district with busy and bustling trade activities, favorable traffic conditions.

CONINCO TOWER is built on a land area of 1,814 m2, construction area of 1,076 m2, including 20 floors, 04 basements. CONINCO TOWER is one of the typical projects that have used energy efficiency in Vietnam with a very unique design style. The building has applied a silicate-permeable paint system to complete the exterior of the building with a durability of over 20 years, ensuring aesthetic value and enhancing the image of the building.

The typical design of CONINCO TOWER building is the large glass blocks and the continuous vertical tapes, combined with the facade constructed with bare concrete technology to create an impressive aesthetic and bring a feeling of being friendly, close to the environment. The structure of the building's exterior is divided into shaping modules, linking materials with energy-saving performance.

Along with that, the building uses lighting system imported from Germany, sanitary ware and Architectural hardware, Low-E glass, central heat recovery system, strong contrast surface combined with using sustainable insulating glass, aluminum frame imported from Germany, wall bricks...

Scope of the building:

• Floor G: Reception hall and space for rent
• Floor 1 – 4: Office for rent
• Floors 5 - 8: Office of CONINCO
• Floor 9 - 10: Office for rent
• Floor 11: Hall with 244 seats
• Floor 12 - 19: Office for rent

CONINCO TOWER has a spacious reception hall welcoming employees or partners come to work. In addition, the building also owns a qualified and synchronous infrastructure and utility system including:

• 04 basements with a total area of more than 5,000m2
• 8 Thyssen Krupp high-speed elevators + 1 freight elevator
• Central air conditioning system
• Backup generator with 100% capacity
• Standard fire protection system, 02 emergency stairs
• 24/7 security system & CCTV monitoring
• 01 hall with a capacity of nearly 300 people to organize seminars, events, parties...
• Restaurant, bar, lounge, cafe on the roof of the building with its own elevator, panoramic view

With a utility system and professional services, the building brings a luxurious, modern workplace, a sustainable construction with time.

Office rental contact information:

- Mr. Nguyen Tien Doat - Chief of Office, Director of Building Operation Management Services Center.

- Email address:

- Tel: 0989.321.655