Project: HCC 1A - Noi Bai International Airport

Investor: Vietnam Airlines Corporation
Location: Noi Bai International Airport
Service Description: Quality inspection of construction works

- Size: 3.200,88m x 45m;
- Acreage:
Structure of East-West turnout: 7312.80m2;
HCC curbstone structure and quay yard: 40812.96m2
Brake brake head 11L: 6.000m2
29R braking brake band: 6.000m2
Range of land insurance: 317,641.98 m2
Floating Row S1: 7,392,13m2
Floating road S2: 8.656,98m2
Floating Float S3: 12,755.41m2
Floating Float S5: 13,392.13m2
Floating Float S7: 4,196,95m2