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Certification of quality standard conformity is the assessment and certification of the quality of works or work items or work parts in conformity with the designs, regulations, technical standards and technical requirements applicable to works.
The certification of full satisfaction of force-bearing safety conditions is the inspection and certification of survey, design and construction implementation in conformity with the law provisions on quality management, meeting the requirements for assurance of force-bearing capacity of the work or work item before putting it into use.

Contents of inspection, certification include:

a. Inspection of quality management:
•    The compliance with the provisions of law on the capability conditions of the Investor involved in the construction of related works;
•    The order and procedures for formulation and approval of investment projects, the process of implementing investment projects;
•    The order and procedures for appraisal, approval and acceptance of dossiers of survey and designing;
•    The CQ of materials and equipment; material testing results, inspection and verification testing results (if any); acceptance records of work, stage and completion of works.

b. Inspection of technical design:

•    Inspecting and assessing the conformity of construction survey reports compared with the survey criteria and survey tasks;
•    Inspecting and assessing the conformity of technical design (in case of 3-step design) or construction drawing design (in case of 2-step and 1-step design) compared with design requirements, geology conditions and technical  regulations and standards.

c. Inspection of construction quality:

•    Checking the construction drawings of the works approved by the Investor;
•   Directly chenking and evaluating the quality of materials and equipment and precast products used for the works;
•   Inspecting the quality of construction of parts of works, work items, quality conformity assessment compared witgapproved designs and applicable technical regulations and standards;
•    Inspecting the construction quality of the technical infrastructure of the works, assessing the quality conformity with the approved designs and applicable technical regulations and standards;
•    Inspecting and witnessing the loading and commissioning of works and work items certified;
•   Checking the data and results of the observation and external appearance of the structure;
•   In the case of certification of force-bearing safety, the subject matter of the test shall focus only on the structural component, the impact-resistant structure may be disastrous.

According to Decree No. 29/2011/ND-CP on Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Commitments, projects must prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, in which there is a group of projects on construction; production of building materials; about traffic; energy, radiation; electronics and telecommunication; some projects related to irrigation, forest land use, agricultural land use; investigating, exploiting and processing minerals; petrolchemical; waste treatment,…
Project owners have the responsibility to set up or hire an organization that is qualified to prepare an EIA report for their investment project. The EIA report must list and describe in detail the activities and work items of the project that are likely to cause adverse impacts on the environment along with the size of space, time, construction volume and operation technology of each work item and the whole project. At the same time, it is generally assessed about the current state of the environment where the project is being implemented and the adjacent area; the sensitivity of the environment; proposed mitigation measures for adversely affect natural conditions, natural environment composition, public health and socio-economic factors.

Contents of the report include:

•  Surveying on geography, geology, meteorology, hydrology;
•  Investigating, surveying, collecting data on natural, environmental, socio-economic conditions;
•  Surveying, sampling, measuring and analyzing air samples, water samples and soil samples in and around the project area;
•  Identifying microclimate elements in the project area;
•  Assessing on the current state of the environment in the project area;
•  Identifying sources of contamination of the project such as: waste gas, waste water, solid waste, noise; Identifying the types of wastes generated during the construction and operation of the project by means of statistical methods, analysis, collection and rapid assessment;
•  Assessing the impacts of the above sources on natural resources, environment, society and people around the project area;
•  Developing measures to reduce environmental pollution for the project construction phase;
•  Establishing pollution mitigation measures, environmental management plans for operation and prevention of environmental incidents;
•  Proposing plans for waste water and gas disposal, solid waste collection and treatment plans from project activities;
•  Consulting with the People's Committee and Fatherland Front Committee of the ward where the project is being implemented;
•  Developing an environmental monitoring program;
•  Setting up an appraisal and approval committee for the report.

Maintanance of M&E works and other HVAC systems is a set of work to ensure and maintain the normal work, safety of electrical equipment and HVAC according to design regulations during the operation and usage. Maintenance of HVAC equipment may include one, several or all of the followings: checking, monitoring, quality control, maintenance and repair of HVAC equipment.

The order of maintenance of the M&E works and HVAC systems is as follows:

•    Preparing and approving the maintenance process;
•    Preparing plans and cost estimation of maintenance work;
•    Inspecting the works regularly, periodically and extraordinarily;
•    Monitoring work with monitoring requirements;
•    Maintaining work;
•    Inspecting the work quality when necessary;
•    Repairing the work regularly and irregularly;
•    Making and managing the maintenance records.

Construction and equipment installation of the work including construction and equipment installation for new construction, repair, renovation, relocation, restoration and rehabilitation; work demolition; warranty and maintenance of works.

Construction contractors have the following obligations:
•   Complying with the signed contract;
•   Constructing in accordance with design, construction standards, assure quality, progress, safety and environmental sanitation;
•   Having a log of construction work;
•   Inspecting materials and construction products;
•   Managing construction workers on the site, ensuring security and order, not affecting the surrounding residential areas;
•   Making construction drawings, taking part in checking and accepting works;
•   Performing construction warranty;
•   Purchasing insurances in accordance with the insurance law;
•   Compensating damages caused by contract breach, wrong materials use, poor quality of construction, environmental pollution and other violations caused by their faults;
•   Taking responsibility for the quality of construction;
•   Other obligations as stipulated by law.

Real estate business involves investing, creating, purchasing, receiving, leasing, purchasing real estate, selling, transferring, leasing for profit. 
Scope of real estate business includes: 
•    Investment in building houses, construction works for sale or lease;
•    Purchasing houses, buildings for sale or lease;
•    Renting a house or building for sublease;
•    Investing in land reclamation and investing in infrastructure works on rented land to lease land with infrastructure;
•    Receiving the transfer of land use right, investing in infrastructure works to transfer, lease or rent the right to use land with infrastructure for sublease.

Real estate services are activities supporting the real estate business and real estate market, including real estate brokerage services, real estate appraisals, real estate transaction, real estate consultancy, real estate auctions, real estate advertising, real estate management. 
Scope of real estate business services include: 
•    Real estate brokerage services;
•    Real estate appraisal services;
•    Real estate transaction services;
•    Real estate consulting services;
•    Real estate auction services;
•    Real estate advertising services;
•    Real estate management services.

CONINCO's business is to provide full or partial services including:
1. Repairing machinery and equipment
2. Manufacture of concrete and products from cement and plaster
3. Manufacture of metal structures
4. Vocational education (operating only after the permits of competent authority)
5. Architectural activities and related technical consultancy. In details:
•   Design of transmission lines and substations up to 110KV
•   Supervising the installation of equipment and electrical equipment of the transmission line and substation up to 110KV
•   Supervising the construction: Installing electronic - telecommunications equipment
•   Design of electronic networks - telecommunications construction
•   Supervising construction survey 
•   Geological survey
•   Construction planning design; architectural design; interior and exterior design
•   Consultancy on management of construction investment Grade 1
•   Quality inspection: construction works, interior equipment for construction works, construction machines, technological equipment, means of transport and environment, identification of causes of damage and preparation of repair plans, evaluation of the residual value of the above products
•   Project management, supervision of construction and equipment installation 
•   Preparing bidding documents and analyzing and evaluating bids: construction and equipment installation, procurement of goods; selection of consultants, implementation of foreign investment consulting services
•   Verification of investment projects, technical design and total estimation, settlement of construction works
•   Survey, detailed planning design and construction design
•   Formulating the construction investment projects (including civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation and technical infrastructure, water supply and drainage and environment)
6. Manufacture of other common machines
Details: Production of refrigerators or industrial chillers, including main lines and components
7. Manufacture of building materials from clay
8. Manufacture of motors, generators, transformers, power distribution and control devices
9. Manufacture of lifting, loading and unloading equipment
10. Wholesale of machinery, equipment and other spare parts
In details:
•     Wholesale of machinery, equipment and spare parts for mining and construction
•     Wholesale of machinery, electrical equipment, electrical materials (generators, electric motors, wires and other equipment used in electrical circuits)
11. Exploiting stones, sand, gravel and clay
12. Manufacture of mining and construction machinery
13. Repair of electrical equipment
14. Manufacture of refractory products
15. Agent, broker, auction
Buying agent, sales agent, consignment agent (no brokerage, auction)
16. Construction of other civil engineering works
•     Construction of civil, industrial and technical infrastructure works
•     Investment in civil, industrial, technical infrastructure, environmental sanitation residentials
•     EPC General Contractor and construction general contractor
17. Other remaining business support activities
Import and export of technology products, construction materials, machinery and equipment
18. Other professional, scientific and technological activities
Training, research, transferring construction technologies and building materials; designing, examining, repairing and restoring to ensure construction machines and technological equipment (operating only after the permits of competent authority)
19. Real estate business, owned, leased or used land use rights
Real estate business
20. Consulting brokerage and auction of real estate, auction of land use rights
Dealing in real estate services (no brokerage, auction of real estate, auction of land use rights)
21. Leasing machinery, equipment and other tangible goods
Leasing machinery, equipment for industry, agriculture, forestry, transportation and construction
22. Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment, manufacture of industrial chain equipment
23. Activities of centers, consulting agents, labor brokers
Providing and managing domestic labor sources (excluding the introduction, selection and supply of human resources for enterprises with labor export function)
24. Cargo transportation on road
Commodity cargo transportation on road
25. Passenger transportation on other road
Passenger transportation service by contract
26. Executing traveling tours
Domestic tourism, international tourism and services for tourists
27. Short stay accommodation
Hotel and accommodation services
28. Restaurant and mobile catering services
Domestic tourism, international tourism and services for tourists; Hotels, restaurants, bars (excluding bar business, karaoke rooms, discotheques)
29. Mines and other ores mining support services
Exploration and mining.