Project: Pleiku Airport - HCC road, ramp and aircraft parking

Type of services: Inspection Consultancy
Investor: Vietnam Airports Corporation
Location: Pleiku port, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province
Service Description: Quality inspection of construction works

- Total investment: 943.8 billion
- Describe:
Long-term investment, upgrading and expansion of the range to the west end to take off from the present size (1,830,15m x 36,6m) to the size of 2.400m x 45m; construction of two ribs of insurance along the landing strip, the basic size of each ribbed ribbon width 45m; construction of a new perpendicular roller, axle of the road roller, connecting the runway and parking lot with the size of 58.77 x 18m; To build and expand the aircraft landing area toward the west, ensuring the two positions of A321 aircraft; construction of drainage system; fence and guard system; aviation lights and aircraft lighting.