Project: Shopping center, services and offices (FPT Tower)

Type of project: Civil projects
Investor: FPT Corporation
Location: Lot D28, Cau Giay new urban area, Cau Giay district, HN
Service Description: Verification of construction drawing design, design of underground construction measures and design estimates, underground construction method estimates, total cost estimates

The design of FPT Tower is inspired by FPT logo shapes
The project is built on an area of 5,392m2
FPT consists of 2buildings: 21- and 17-storey buildings, and 8 floors of modern data center offices.
Total scale up to 100,000m2, when put into operation, will provide workplaces for about 9000 IT personnel.
FPT Tower also has a garden system, landscapes with many trees, lawns, and connected to Cau Giay park, contributing to the necessary green space for the city.
FPT Tower will become one of the university complexes and software parks in the campus model of major technology corporations in the world.