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Supervision Consultant

a. Checking the conditions for commencement of construction works under the provisions of Article 72 of the Construction Law;
b. Checking the conformity of capacity of construction contractors with their bids and construction contracts, including:
•   Inspecting manpower and construction equipment of the work construction contractor;
•   Checking the quality management system of the construction contractor;
•   Checking permits for the use of machinery, equipment and materials with safety requirements for the construction of works;
•   Inspecting laboratories and facilities for the production of construction materials, components and products for the construction of construction contractors.
c. Inspecting and supervising the quality of installed materials and equipment for the works supplied by the construction contractors according to the design requirements, including:
•   Checking the manufacturers' quality certificates, experiment results at the standard laboratory and equipment quality inspection results of organizations recognized by competent state agencies for construction materials, structures, products and equipment installed for the works prior to the construction of the works;
•   When the results of the inspection of the quality of materials and equipment installed for the works provided by the construction contractor are suspected, the Investor shall directly inspect such materials and equipment.
d. Inspecting and supervising during the construction process, including:
•   Checking construction methods by construction contractors;
•   Regularly checking and supervising the process of the contractor to carry out construction work on the site. All inspection results must be recorded in Investor's supervision diaries or inspection records according to regulations;
•   Verifying the as-built drawings;
•   Organizing the acceptance of construction works according to the provisions of Article 23 of this Decree;
•   Collecting and checking documents for acceptance of construction work, parts of works, construction phase, pre-acceptance test of equipment, completion of each construction item and completion of works;
•   Finding errors, unreasonable designs to adjust or require design contractors to adjust;
•   Organizing the re-inspection of the quality of parts of works, work items and construction works when there is doubt about quality;
•   Leading and coordinating with related parties to solve problems arising in the construction of works.