Project: Vinh port - Road and parking lot

Investor: Vietnam Airlines Corporation
Location: Vinh airport
Service Description: Construction supervision and equipment installation

A. Road section:
Include a viaduct and a specific bridgehead:
- The bridge consists of 19 spans with diagrams: 1x12m + 17x15m + 1x12m, with the total length of L = 279m
- Abutment is designed with reinforced concrete.
- The cross section of the bridge is 9 m wide, The upper structure is the local girder, which is reinforced with reinforced concrete.
- The bridge abutment is designed to reduce the load with the length of L = 6m, the two ends of the bridge are designed in sync with the bridge and section:
B. The apron area:
- Car parking and transportation system consists of two separate areas, including new construction and rehabilitation area:
· New Buildings:
The structure of the newly constructed car park was selected in line with the structure of the road system with the calculation for the 10T truck can be circulated.
· Renovation area:
Renovated area from the existing apron by adding reinforced concrete layer C12.5 5cm thick (average).
North Passenger Terminal is designed with a 1% slope toward the drainage hole on the side of the apron.
The south station of the passenger terminal is designed with a slope of 1.5% to ensure drainage to the catchment channels arranged between two rows of cars parked and escape to the water collection system placed two parking ramps.