Project: Vinh Tan Ecological urban area

Investor: Hanoi Investment and Development Corporation
Location: Vinh City, Nghe An Province
Service Description: Supervising the construction of traffic system; storm water drainage system, waste water drainage, project water supply system

- Total investment: 4,831 billion dong
- Total area of land: 77.18 ha
- Land for public works: 108,522.9 m2.
- Green land, water surface, sports and physical training: 228,900.6 m2.
- Land for traffic: 192,690 m2.
- Residential land: 241,698.1 m2.
- Number of villas: 327 units
- Number of garden houses: 866
- Number of detached houses: 286 units
- Condominium: 7 towers with 27 floors