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Project Management Consultant

a.    Progress management, quality management;
b.    Cost management;
c.    Occupational safety and construction environmental management;
d.    Risk management;
e.    Other management content.
Details are as follows:
•  Assessing the current status of the project implementation and acknowledgement of the project implementation procedures for project management and control planning;
•  Assessing changes related to design, construction, procurement of materials, equipment, labor safety, environment sanitation, fire and explosion prevention, commissioning and acceptance of works, operational training: proposing the Investor appropriate measures to ensure that such changes do not affect the safety, quality and progress of the project;
•   Preparing bidding documents, consultancy on selection of contractor;
•  Inspecting and managing of the progress and quality of contract performance of contractors in accordance with the signed contract;
•   Reviewing and inspecting of documents of contractors and other consultants under the contract signed with the investor;
•  Supervising and controlling contractors to implement on schedule made and adjusted by other contractors, re-schedule the implementation of the project (if necessary) in accordance with the approved progress and milestones.
•   Monitoring, evaluating and reporting the progress of contractors. Dealing with delays and taking measures to authenticate in order to complete on schedule as committed to the Investor;
•   Supervising and controlling contractors to perform tasks in conformity with milestones and key project periods;
•   Reviewing and inspecting the contractors' construction measures and quality plans;
•   Project-related risk management;
•   Preparing, inspecting and executing the plan and conditions for conducting experiments, inspection, commissioning, acceptance in accordance with the overall progress;
•   Inspecting, supervising and urging the development and implementation of measures to ensure the labor safety, environmental sanitation, fire and explosion prevention and fighting of contractors;
•   Notifying the Investor of the completeness of the works prior to acceptance;
•   Inspecting the plan, executing the training process of the training contractors, guiding the operation and technology transfer of the contractors;
•   And other related work, …