Project: Shopping center, services and offices (FPT Tower)

Shopping center, services and offices (FPT Tower)

The design of FPT Tower is inspired by FPT logo shapes
The project is built on an area of 5,392m2
FPT consists of 2buildings: 21- and 17-storey buildings, and 8 floors of modern data center offices.
Total scale up to 100,000m2, when put into operation, will provide workplaces for about 9000 IT personnel.
FPT Tower also has a garden system, landscapes with many trees, lawns, and connected to Cau Giay park, contributing to the necessary green space for the city.


Project: Long Thanh International Airport

Long Thanh International Airport

Project scale of phase I:
- Airfield infrastructure: Constructing a runway with a length of 4000m and a width of 75m
- Passenger terminal: Capacity of 25 million passengers / year. Total floor area 373,000m2
- Flight control system: constructing an air traffic control tower of 123m high
- Ancillary works: Building a garage with a capacity of 4200 cars, cargo stations with a capacity of 1.2 million tons / year, a catering area of ​​40,000 meals / day
- Works of state management agencies and units operating in ports


Project: Pediatrics Hospital Ho Chi Minh city

Pediatrics Hospital Ho Chi Minh city

Scale: 1.000 beds with 8 storeys and 2 basement floors
Include following areas: general surgery and outpatient treatment; resident treatment; technical professional - paraclinical - functional exploration; adminitrative management and general service; technical - logistics and auxiliary works;
And there are about 1.400 medical staff will work here
Floor area: 93.200 m2
Total investment: 4,500 billion Vietnamese dong


Project: Green Pearl Project

Green Pearl Project

Gross floor area: 90.453 m2
Includes: 02 buildings and 72 adjacent villas (3.5 stpreys)
Population scale: 1.600 person
Number of apartments: 510 apartments and 72 villas
Number of floors: 21 - 25 storeys
Total investment: 1,779 billion Vietnamese dong


Project: Saigon Castle high rise building

Project: Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant

Project: Dakr'tih hydropower plant

Project: Nghe An Petroleum Cement Plant

Project: Royal Golf

Royal Golf

- Total investment 3000 billion Vietnamese dong
- Scale: 54 holes, total area: 670 ha
- Description: Royal golf is constructed and brought in to use with international standard. It is not only professional but also have the ancient and thoughtful charming as its name. Royal golf is located on the place of ancient capital Hoa Lu with 1000 years of history.


Project: National Sports Complex - Under water sport area