Project: Thang Long Cement Plant - Cement Grinding Station

Project: Kim Chung Di Trach urban area

Kim Chung Di Trach urban area

Thang Long 9 urban area (Kim Chung-Di Trach) with a total area of 170.29ha is formed based on the idea of creating a high-quality urban area, comfortable, environmentally friendly, a commercial center, finance with modern infrastructure and technology, meeting the standards of Vietnam and International. The new urban area is right next to the capital of Hanoi. National Sports Training Center 1. The project is located along National Highway 32 to Ho Chi Minh City. Shanxi is 3km far from Pham Van Dong Street.


Project: Cultural House of Que Vo

Cultural House of Que Vo

- Construction area: 1,390 m2;
- Floor area of 2.110 m2
- Description: The building has a modern cubic shape consisting of large blocks of material such as concrete, glass, large wall, height to the roof is 18 m. The roof is made of rectangular work, a combination of 8.4m x 5.7m space; 8.4m x 6.9m; 8.4 m x 5.1 m


Project: Vietnam Television Tower

Vietnam Television Tower

It is expected that the Vietnam Television Tower will be built on an area of over 14 hectares in the West Lake Urban Area. This is a very important work in the field of television in Vietnam. The introduction of the television tower in Vietnam is also expected to bring enormous impact on the tourism, investment and society of neighboring areas.


Project: Hong Duc University (branch 3) - Sports court

Hong Duc University (branch 3) - Sports court

- Total investment: 530,2 billion Vietnamese dong
- Area is over 6.2 ha; this is is a multi-purpose sports area with many specific items as follows:
* Gates, fencing, internal roads, parking....
* Sport grounds includes: Volleyball court (02 courts); Handball court (01 court); Basketball court (01 court); Badminton court (04 courts); Tennis court (02 courts)
* Football pitch - Run way and athletic.
* Stands and stadium


Project: Trade Promotion Centre investment and business support of the North Central Province

Project: Tòa nhà trụ sở văn phòng Ngân hàng thương mại cổ phần quân đội - MB Grand Tower

Tòa nhà trụ sở văn phòng Ngân hàng thương mại cổ phần quân đội - MB Grand Tower

· Area: 4,950 m²;
· Construction area: 2,220 m²;
· Total floor area: 49,862 m², of which:
o Basement area: 16,856 m² (4 basements)
o Office area: 43.006 m² (1st floor - 26th floor)
· Total investment: Estimated VND 1127 billion


Project: Nghia Do new urban area - CT2C apartment building

Project: Research Institute for Aquaculture I

Project: New Office of Supreme People's Procuracy