Project: Nam Dinh City Upgrading Project

Project: Urban Development Project of the Mekong Sub-region Corridor Phase 4 funded by Development Bank Asia

Project: Urban Develoopment Project in the Second Corridor of the Mekong River Region, Quang Ninh Province

Project: Waste water treament plant - Industrial area Dai Dong - Hoan Son

Project: The new administrative center of Thanh Hoa city

Project: Vietnam - The Medium Cities Delelopment Project - Lao Cai Subproject

Project: Can Tho Urban Development and Resilience

Project: Infrastructure of Bac Song Cam New Urban Area

Project: Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park - Hi-tech Business Incubator

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park - Hi-tech Business Incubator

- Total investment: 100 million USD
- Total area: 41,000 m2
- Size of the project: 26,000 m2
- Gross floor area: 23,889 m2
- Main construction area: 5,615 m2
- Auxiliary works area: 1,747 m2
- Internal yard area: 9,378 m2 (accounting for 36.1% of total area)
- Green area: 9260 m2 (accounting for 35.6% of total area)
- Construction density: 28%
- Floor area ratio: 1


Project: Yen Son Park