Project: Vinh Tuy bridge

Vinh Tuy bridge

The total length of nearly 15 km.
The river bridge is 3,690 meters long.
The main span is 990 m long, 38 m wide. This is considered the largest bridge in Vietnam today.
The bridge is constructed with cantilever technology and achieved the record of the length of the cantilever span of Vietnam.


Project: Tan Son Nhat International Airport - Repair runway 25R

Tan Son Nhat International Airport - Repair runway 25R

- Signature of runway: 25R/07L
- Signature code according to supplementary agreement 14 ICAO: 4E
- Length: 3048m
- Width: 45,72m
- Roadside of runway:
07R/25L: 7,5m
07L/25R: 15m
- Specifications:
Average gradient: 0,13%; Typical cross slope: 1%
Co-ordinates: according to the co-ordinates system WGS-84
Type of Road surface, loading capacity announced by the method of ACN / PCN
Cover layer of runway surface is asphalt concrete Polymer, loading capacity announced is PCN=85/R/B/W/T


Project: Upgrading of road improvements of national highways in the Northern and Central regions

Project: Quang Ninh Airport under BOT form - Flying zone

Project: Ca Pass Tunnel Project

Ca Pass Tunnel Project

'Scale: The entire route is design by highway standard with the speed is 80km/h.
The first point of project is on Km1353+150 QL1A - Hao Son, Hoa Xuan Nam, Dong Hoa, Phu Yen. The last point is on Km1374+525 QL1A - Co Ma, Van Tho, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa.
Total leghth of project is 13,190km in which Deo Ca tunnel is 4,125m length, Co Ma tunnel is 500m length, 6 bridges with the length is 1,200m and path route is 8,330m leghth.
Total leghth: 13.190 km
Total investment: 15.000 billion Vietnamese dong


Project: Highway 279 connecting QL3 with QL2

Project: Muong Lay Nam Nhun Road from R1-R5 Km 0 + 500 - Km 17 + 395.15

Muong Lay Nam Nhun Road from R1-R5 Km 0 + 500 - Km 17 + 395.15

- Total investment: 860 billion
- Project size: 17.4 km
- The Muong Lay - Nam Nhun road project (phase 1 and 2) is the route from Muong Lay town to Nam Nhan hydropower plant with the Ban Xa bridge crossing the Son La hydropower reservoir. This is an arterial road linking the resettlement areas of Cao Do, Lai Chau town with outside. Project for relocation and resettlement of Son La hydropower project in Muong Lay town


Project: Vinh Tan Ecological urban area

Vinh Tan Ecological urban area

- Total investment: 4,831 billion dong
- Total area of land: 77.18 ha
- Land for public works: 108,522.9 m2.
- Green land, water surface, sports and physical training: 228,900.6 m2.
- Land for traffic: 192,690 m2.
- Residential land: 241,698.1 m2.
- Number of villas: 327 units
- Number of garden houses: 866
- Number of detached houses: 286 units
- Condominium: 7 towers with 27 floors


Project: Cam Ranh International Airport - Terminal 2

Cam Ranh International Airport - Terminal 2

- Total investment of over 1.9 trillion dong.
- Scale: The project of the landing road No. 2 Cam Ranh International Airport has a length
3,048 meters wide 45 meters standard 4E airport
- Description: This runway will allow safe and efficient use of the current large passenger aircraft such as the A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 767-300 or Boeing 787 ...


Project: My Phuoc Tan Van road extends from DDT road to My Phuoc Industrial Zone, Binh Duong Province