Verification and certification of full satisfaction of force-bearing safety conditions and certification of quality standard conformity of construction works

Certification of the construction quality compliance (hereinafter called certification of construction conformity) is evaluation, confirmation of construction quality or item, construction component in conformity to design, technical norms, standards and technical requirements applied to work.  
Certification of full satisfaction of force-bearing safety conditions is check, confirmation of survey, design and construction complying with regulations of law on quality management to satisfy requirements of force-bearing safety assurance of construction work or item before putting into use.
Contents of check, confirmation include:
a. Checking quality management:
  • Compliance with legal regulations on capacity condition of entities participating in buildings relevant to construction work;
  • Sequence, procedure of investment project formulation, approval, deployment process to implement the project;
  • Sequence, procedure of appraisal, approval and acceptance of design, survey document;
  • Certificate of material, equipment quality; result of inspection, recheck (if any); acceptance minutes of work, item and work completion.
b. Checking technical design document:
  • Checking, evaluating the conformity of construction survey result report with survey standard and survey obligation;
  • Checking, evaluating the conformity of technical design (in case of 3 step-design) or execution drawing design (in case of 2 step, 1 step-design) with design requirement, geological condition, technical norms, standards applied to construction work.
c. Checking construction quality:
  • Checking construction drawing approved by investor;
  • Directly checking, evaluating quality of materials, equipment, precast product used for construction work;
  • Checking construction quality of components, items, evaluating the quality compliance to approved design and applied technical norm, standard;
  • Checking construction quality of infrastructure, evaluating the quality compliance to approved design and applied technical norm, standard;
  • Checking, witnessing load test, test run of certificated construction work, item;
  • Checking observational data and result, outside expression of structure;
  • In case of force-bearing safety certification, only focusing on the checking objects which are construction component, force-bearing structure can cause disaster when being sapped.

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