Project Management Consultancy, Construction and Equipment Installation Supervision


a.    Schedule and quality management;
b.    Expenditure management;
c.    Labor safety and construction environment management;
d.    Risk management;
e.    Other management contents.

Details as following:

  • Evaluating current status of project implementation and getting knowledge of project process to make plan of project management and control;
  • Evaluating changes related to design, construction, procurement of materials, equipments, labor safety, environmental sanitary and fire, explore fighting and protection, testing, accepting and handing over construction work, training operation:  proposing Investor suitable methods to assure above changes not affect safety, quality and schedule of project;
  • Making Bidding propose document, consulting contractor selection;
  • Checking, managing Contract progress and performance quality of contractors as signed contract;
  • Reviewing, checking documents of contractors, consultants according to contract signed with Investor;
  • Supervising and managing contractors perform progress which was made and adjusted by other contractors, remaking project schedule (if necessary) conformity to approved schedule and important marks;
  • Following, evaluating and reporting progress completion level of contractors. Solving if it is behind schedule and giving real methods to complete on schedule committed with Investor;
  • Supervising and managing contractors implement works in conformity to important marks of project;
  • Reviewing, checking construction methods, quality plan of contractor;
  • Managing risks related to project;
  • Making, checking, managing plan and conditions to perform test, inspection, running test, accepting in conformity to the entire progress;
  • Checking, supervising, speeding up method forming and performance to assure labor safety, environmental sanitary, fire and explore fighting and production of contractors;
  • Informing Investors on adequacy of works before acceptance;
  • Checking plan, managing training process of training contractors, guiding operation and technology transfer of contractors;
  • And other relevant works ….


a. Checking conditions of commencement under regulations of Article 72-Law on Construction;

b. Checking capacity conformity of contractor with the bids and construction contract, including:

  • Checking human resources, construction equipments of contractor to take into the construction site;
  • Checking quality management system of contractor;
  • Checking license of machines, equipments, materials to be satisfied with safety requirement for serving construction;
  • Checking labs, production base of materials, components, construction products to serve construction of contractor.

c. Checking and supervising quality of materials, equipments installed into construction provide by contractor as design requirement, including:

  • Checking quality certification of manufacturer, testing result of labs in conformity to standard and inspection result of equipment quality of organizations recognized by Government authority with materials, components, construction products, installation equipments before putting into use in construction;
  • When having doubts about checking results of materials, equipment quality provided by contractor, Investor directly checks materials, equipment installed in construction.

d. Checking, supervising during construction process, including:

  • Checking method statement of the contractor;
  • Checking, supervising frequently the process which contractor deploys works at construction site. Checking result has to be written in supervision record of Investor or checking report as regulation;
  • Confirming as-built drawing;
  • Checking and accepting construction as regulations in Article 23 of this Decree;
  • Collecting, checking documents serving acceptance of construction, structural elements, execution period, equipment acceptance, completed acceptance of each construction items and completing construction;
  • Detecting errors, unreasonableness of design to adjust or require design contractor to adjust;
  • Inspecting quality of structural elements, construction items and construction when there is any doubts about quality;• Presiding, coordinating with relevant parties to resolve difficulties, problems arising in construction.
  • Presiding, coordinating with relevant parties to resolve difficulties, problems arising in construction.

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