Maintaining electromechanical equipment and other HAVC systems of construction work

Maintaining electromechanical equipments and other HAVC systems of construction work is to assure and maintain normal, safe operation of electromechanical, HAVC equipment under design regulations during usage, exploitation process. Contents of electromechanical, HAVC equipment maintenance include one, several or all following works: checking, observation, quality inspection, electromechanical, HAVC equipment maintenance and repair.
Order of electromechanical equipment and HAVC systems maintenance as following:
  • Formulating and approving process of work maintenance;
  • Formulating plan and cost estimation of work maintenance;
  • Checking work frequently, periodically and unexpectedly;
  • Observing works requiring observation;
  • Maintaining work;
  • Inspecting work quality when necessary;
  • Repairing work periodically and unexpectedly;
  • Formulating and managing document of work maintenance.

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