General EPC contractor, construction and equipment installation

Construction and equipment installation include construction and equipment installation of new construction work, repairing, improvement, removing, rehabilitation, recovery; work demolishment; work warranty, maintenance.
Contractor has the obligations as below:
  • Implementing as signed contract;
  • Building as design, construction standard to assure quality, schedule, environmental safety and sanitation;
  • Having construction record;
  • Inspecting construction materials, products;
  • Managing workers at construction site, assuring security, order, not affect to surrounding residential areas;
  • Making as-built drawing, participating in work acceptance;
  • Work warranty;
  • Buying insurance under regulation of law on insurance;
  • Compensating damages when breaching of contract, using inconformity materials, lower quality standard execution of work, making environmental pollution and other breaches making damages by their own fault;
  • Taking charge of construction quality;
  • Other obligations under regulation of law.

Implement project