Platform of Thought




  • The stable cube creates CONINCO family with the utmost admiration of quality and perfection.
  • Logo's plane figure expresses the desire of "sustainable development, assurance for the future" philosophy to be spread worldwide.






  • With the guideline "Global vision - Realistic action" and "The larger vision - The more effectiveness" in resolving complicated problems with simple methods.
  • Connecting people with gravity as the world is created by gravity, becoming a link in the chain of global leading trademarks.



CONINCO provides:

Clients: With quality and effective consulting services, gives Clients increasing benefits at present and in the future.


Community: With stable developing values for the environment, convenience for life, and assurance for the future.


Working Environment: Acting to creat dynamic, creative, self-control working environment together and build personal brand.


Building culture to creat the brandname. The cultural heart of CONINCO is Heart - Ethics

  • Building ethic values means building foundation of all other values, it is also the basic factor to creat a stable brand name. CONINCO raises Clients' trust, builds prestige, provides Clients with reliance, conscientiousness, and royalty.
  • Creating the culture of "gratitude and sharing" which is "gratitude to tradition" and "sharing knowledge and experience" so as to train resources and maintain CONINCO's culture in splendid development.
  • Establishing thought for action and always innovating. CONINCO gives Clients the most convenient effective solutions while tending toward stable value for community and for the future.
  • Creating a working environment where the staffs are respected, all employees think, do, and act with strong determination to enhance the trademark. Each employee embodies CONINCO's culture and brings it to Clients and the community.



“I think means I exist”

CONINCO's staff are usually encouraged to be creative, to promote their abilities and not to fear failure. In addition, they are stimulated to think that "I can do it" in order to strive to win themselves, satisfy with their curiosity, and consistently seek for answers for the assigned tasks.


“Master the skills, get the success”

Only the love with our jobs can help us gain success. Regardless of being a leader, a doctor, an architect, or a service employee in CONINCO, each person always tries his or her best to create a personal brand and an indispensable position. Therefore, any Client coming to CONINCO Company and experiencing our services can realize the effort, enthusiasm, profession, and distinction that CONINCO provides.


“Solidarity is the strength”

In the CONINCO family, each CONINCO's employee is a base of ADN chain having CONINCO's "gene", which make CONINCO different from other companies. All staff will share challenges, overcome difficulties and gain success together. These are what CONINCO is trying to build its own strength. 



“Sharing for development”

Let's share knowledge and experience! Sharing is development, life also stems from sharing, and only sharing and knowing to share can help us live forever. That is the philosophy during CONINCO's operation and development.



Employees are the crucial factor to CONINCO's success. The staff of CONINCO build their working characters based on the followings: 

  • Heart: Conscientious, responsible, united
  • Ethics: Truthful, honest, prestige
  • Mind: Researching, creative, vanguard
  • Unassumingness: Receptive, inquiring, modest


Applying four core elements in realistic actions to get the satisfaction of the Clients, benefits for community, and stability for the future at any time, any where, and any task. This is the acting guideline of each individual in CONINCO.


Creating company's core values

  • Appreciation of prestige: The success of any enterprise originates from Prestige. CONINCO always operate for Client’s prestige so that the Company can attract more clients as a valuable address and they will no longer confuse about the success of their choice.
  • Trust: The luggage accompanied with anyone to success is trust. We act to build up the belief in the company's mission. CONINCO makes Clients and employees completely trust in Company's strategies, commitments, and actions.
  • Solidarity: Solidarity generates general strength. CONINCO tries to build a collection that unite, share, and build trademark together. Besides, the company usually unites with Clients and enterprises in community in order to creat a convenient and healthy living environment.
  • Respect: Any successful relationship is formed by respect. CONINCO listens and respects all demands of Clients and community, and considers them to be our responsibilities. CONINCO's staffs keep on creating respectful and disciplinary working environment.
  • Employees' responsibilities: Every individual of CONINCO follows the slogan: Finishing our work perfectly just like a stable cube created from stable cubic elements. CONINCO's staffs are always side by side and share their will with leaders in order to create real values for Clients, community and themselves.
  • Leaders’ responsibilities: Each leader of CONINCO always considers "dignity" as the leading standard for all of their actions. They place “dignity” in the centre of all actions to behave, build personality, win over man's heart, perfect benevolence to be able to accomplish the mission that CONINCO committed.

Building the value of Company's brand name:

  • Non stop thinking and being creative, think as a Client for better understanding and to find out breakthrough solutions and resolve all Clients’ demands.
  • Quality and value: Providing quality services which come up to Clients’ expectation, generating added values for each products as Clients believe in.
  • Professional, specific: Building quality management system in accordancce with ISO 9001 - 2015 standard, creating a methodical and professional management procedure. Providing consultancy services from leading experts in specific professional field.
  • Cooperation, training: Self-motive and inquiring attitudes are the magnetic needle for all foreign cooperative activities of our Company. Coordinating with foreign countries, learning experience, and transferring technology to keep pace with global modern trends is a impetus step for company’s strong development in the context of innovation and integration.