Making reports on environmental impact assessment

According to Decree No.29/2011/ND-CP on strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection commitment, projects must have report on environmental impact assessment, in which there are project group on construction; construction material production; traffic; energy, radioactivity; electronics, telecommunications; projects relevant to irrigation, using forestry land, agricultural land; mineral exploration, exploitation, process; petroleum; waste treatment, etc.

Investor takes charge of establishing, employing organization which have enough condition to make report on environmental impact assessment for their Investor. Report on environmental impact assessment must list, describe activities, construction items of project which are potential bad impact to environment of project and scale of space, time, construction volume, operation technology of each items and whole project. At once, giving general assessment on environmental current status of project location and its surrounding area; sensitive level of environment, proposing methods to reduce bad impact to natural conditions, elements of natural environment, health of community and relevant socioeconomic factors, etc.

Contents of report include:
  • Surveying geographic, geological, meteorological, hydrographic conditions;
  • Investigating, surveying, collecting data on natural condition, environment, economics-society;
  • Surveying, collecting form, measuring and analyzing samples of air, water, soil in and around project area;
  • Defining climatic factors in project area;
  • Assessing environmental current status in project area;
  • Defining sources which make pollution to project such as: exhaust fume, waste water, solid waste, noise; defining waste arising in construction process and activities of project with statistics, analysis, collection, fast assessment;
  • Assessing impact, influence of above polluted sources to resource, environment, society, people around project area;
  • Formulating methods to reduce environmental pollution to period of project establishment;
  • Formulating methods to reduce pollution, plan of environment management in operation process and prevention of environmental problems;
  • Proposing plans of waste water, exhaust fume treatment, plans of solid waste collection and treatment from activities of project;
  • Referring to ideas of People’s Committee and Fatherland Front Committee of ward where project is performed;
  • Establishing program of environmental supervision;
  • Establishing council of report appraisal and approval.

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