Other Business activities of CONINCO according to Business Registration Certificate

CONINCO’s business operation is providing entirely or partially the following services:

1. Repairing machines, equipments
2. Producing concrete and products made from cement and plaster
3. Producing metal components
4. Vocational education (only operated after being permitted by the competent authority)
5. The architectural operation and related technological consultant. Details:
  • Design for power line and transformer station construction to 110KV
  • Supervising and installing construction equipments and electrical devices for power line and transformer station construction to 110KV
  • Surveying performance of construction works, installation of Electronics-Telecommunications equipments for construction works
  • Designing Electronics-Telecommunications network for construction works
  • Supervising construction investigation
  • Engineering geological investigation
  • Designing construction plan; construction architecture; interior, exterior design for construction works
6. Producing other common machines
Details: Producing refrigerator or industrial cooling devices including production and main components
7. Producing building materials from clays
8. Producing motor, generator, transformer, distribution and control equipments
9. Producing equipments for pushing up and down, loading and unloading
10. Wholesaler of different machines, equipments and components
  • Wholesaler of machines, equipments and spare parts of mining machines and construction machines
  • Wholesales of machines, electric equipments, electric materials (electric generator, electric motor, electric wire and other equipments for circuits)
11. Exploration of stone, sand, gravel, clay
12. Producing mining machines and construction machines
13. Preparing electric equipments
14. Producing fire-resistant products
  • Agency for goods purchasing, consigning
  • Consultancy on the management of investment expenditure for the first level construction
  • Construction of civil, industrial and engineering infrastructure works
  • Certification for quality of construction works
  • Consultancy on setting up a quality assurance system for construction work and certification of quality management system based on ISO standards for organizations
  • Trading, exporting and importing technological products, building materials, machines, equipments
  • Training, researching, transferring construction technology and building materials; designing, testing and repairing construction machines, technological equipments (only operated after being permitted by the competent authority)
  • Making reports on assessing environmental effects on the quality of civil and industrial  works, urban and rural infrastructure
  • Investing into civil, industrial works, technical infrastructures including environmental hygienic infrastructure in resident areas
  • EPC contractor and construction contractor based on “turnkey”
  • Testing and certifying conformity about the quality of construction works.
  • Surveying quality of construction works and their interior equipments, inspection of construction machines, technological equipments, means of transportation, environmental facilities, determining reasons and making repairing plan, assessing remaining value of those products
  • Making experiment of building materials, construction components
  • Managing projects, supervising construction and installing equipments for construction works
  • Preparing documents for tender; analyzing and evaluating the bids: building and installing equipments, purchasing goods and selecting consultant; performing consulting services for foreign investment
  • Investigation of  invested projects, making technical design, general estimation, final settlement of construction works
  • Surveying, designing detailed plan and other construction works
  • Making invested projects for construction works (civil, industrial, transport, hydraulic, technical infrastructures, water drainage and supply, and environmental works)
  • Trading in real estate
  • Trading in real estate service
  • Renting machines, equipments for fields of industry, agriculture, forestry, transport, transportation and construction
  • Installation of industrial machines and equipments, manufacturing devices for industrial lines
  • Supplying and managing internal labor resources (not including introduction, selection, and supply labors for labor-exporting enterprises)
  • Transportation of goods and passengers by car under contract
  • Trading in internal travel, international travel and services for visitors; trading in hotels, restaurant (not including trading in bar, Karaoke, dance hall)
  • Service for food and staying (not including trading in bar, Karaoke, dance hall)
  • Investigating and exploring mines
  • Afforesting, developing industrial plants, perennial

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