Planning scheme, project formulation, preliminary design, technical design, execution drawing design


a.    Area construction plan; 
b.   Urban construction plan, including general plan of urban construction and detailed plan of urban construction;
c.    Construction plan of rural resident area.


  • General planning design;
  • Detailed planning design;
  • Planning design of urban areas, housing areas, entertainment areas, industrial areas, etc;
  • Family housing area, yard, garden design, etc;
  • Landscape design;
  • Architectural design;
  • Grading design;
  • Infrastructure design of electricity, water supply, water drainage, etc;
  • And other works in architectural plan.


1.    Project description
a.    Necessity and target of Investment; Construction site, demand of using land and other input elements.
b.    Describing construction scope and area, construction items include main construction, auxiliary and other constructions; analyzing to choose method of engineering, technology and capacity. 
c.    Implementation methods include:

  • Plan of land clearance, resettlement and infrastructure supporting plan (if any);
  • Architectural design schemes with construction works in urban and construction works requiring architecture;
  • Plan of exploring project and using labors;
  • Implementation partition, implementation progress and project management.

d.  Estimating effects of environment, methods of fire and explosion prevention and fighting and requirements of security, defense 
e. Total investment of project, ability to arrange capital, capital resource and ability to supply capital as schedule; analyzing and accessing economic, social effect of the project.
2.    Basic design
Basic design is implemented in process of making construction investment project based on selected design scheme, assures to show main specification conforming to applied norms, standards, is basis to deploy next steps.  
Content of basic design includes specification and drawing.

Basic design specification includes following contents:

  • Introducing construction location, design scheme; total construction plan, or work route plan; construction location, scope of items; connection between construction items under project and infrastructure of area;
  • Technology scheme, technology line with works requiring technology;
  • Architectural scheme with works requiring architecture;
  • Main structural scheme, technical system, essential infrastructure of work;
  • Scheme of environmental protection, fire fighting and prevention under regulations of law;
  • List of applied main norms, standards.

Basic design drawings include:

  • Site plan drawing or plan drawing of routing construction with  routing construction;
  • Technology chart, technology line drawing with works requiring technology;
  • Architectural drawing with works requiring architecture;
  • Main structural drawing, technical system drawing, main construction infrastructure drawing, connection with infrastructure of area.


Technical design is implemented based on basic design in approved construction investment project, assures to show enough specification and materials in conformity to applied norms, standards, is basis to deploy steps of execution drawing design.

Execution drawing design assures to show enough specification, materials and components in conformity to applied norms, standards and assures to have full conditions to deploy work construction.


Implement project