Real Estate Business, Real Estate Service


Real estate dealing means investing capital in the creation, purchase, acceptance of transfer, lease or hire- purchase of real estate for sale, transfer, lease-out, sublease or sale on hire-purchase for profit purposes.

Scope of real estate business includes:

  • Investing in the creation of houses, construction works for sale, lease, hire-purchase;
  • Buying houses or construction works for sale, lease or hire-purchase;
  • Leasing houses or construction works for sublease;
  • Investing in land reclamation and infrastructure works on leased land for the lease of land with infrastructure;
  • Accepting the transfer of land use rights, investing in infrastructure works for transfer or lease; leasing infrastructure-associated land use rights for sublease


Real estate service dealing means activities of supporting real estate dealing and real estate market, including real estate brokerage, valuation, transaction floor, consultancy, auction, advertisement and management services.

Scope of Real Estate service includes:

  • Real estate brokerage service;
  • Real estate valuation service;
  • Real estate transaction floor service;
  • Real estate consultancy service;
  • Real estate auction service;
  • Real estate advertisement service;
  • Real estate management service.

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